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Results Not Typical

Mar 8, 2019

In this interview, Nikki chats with strength coach Kat Libby about training for sport and empowering women through strength training.

They discuss:

- The differences (and similarities) between training for a sport and training for general fitness

- Kat's personal experience transitioning from training as an elite level athlete to general fitness (aka life after sports and the identity challenges that can come with it)

- How women can be empowered and inspired to get strong and take up space in and out of the gym

- Strategies and smart progressions for strength training and preparing for power or plyometric work

- How to shift the narrative from a fear of getting bulky to a desire to be strong

About Kat Libby:

Kat is a personal trainer based out of Athletic Outcomes in Austin Texas. As a former collegiate soccer player and coach, Kat lives for the team atmosphere and feels that when people are pushed together, they achieve great things together. Kat believes that everyone has the ability, power and heart to achieve their own specific goals. So much, that she decided to share one of her own goals in her bio...Specifically, Kat is determined to help every single client, member, or first timer see and embrace their greatness and the fire inside. 

To connect with Kat online say hello on instagram (@katicane) or visit for in person services.