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Results Not Typical

Aug 31, 2022

In part 2 of this 3 part yoga series on wellness, mental health, and anti-depressants, Nikki chats with yoga teacher and movement educator Trisha Durham unpack the stigma that exists around getting support for mental health challenges in the yoga, fitness. and Pilates space. 

They discuss:

  • Why "big wellness" also equals big money and is no more altruistic that the pharmaceutical industry 
  • The problem with the lack of regulations around supplements and health claims made by people in wellness spaces
  • How you can't diet, exercise, or meditate away mental health challenges and why it's harmful to claim these things
  • The problems that are caused by personal trainers, yoga instructors, and Pilates teachers going outside of their scope of practice and telling people that they alone can "fix" someone's mental heath challenges with their methods
  • How wellness modalities can support mental health, but why "natural" interventions aren't always the most effective or right option for someone
  • How their own experiences working in the industry stopped them from taking medication sooner when it really could have benefited them

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