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Results Not Typical

Feb 3, 2022

In this episode, Nikki chats with strength and brain based fitness coach Isabelle Barter about why it's important to find the right medical or fitness professionals to help you and why you shouldn't always believe the stories that someone else tells you about your body.

They discuss:

  • Why you should find physical therapists and wellness practitioners who understand your experience and the context of the activities that you want to return to if you have pain
  • How medical and wellness providers can't predict the future, so if what they are saying doesn't sit well with you, it's valuable to find a second opinion
  • Their own positive and negative experiences trying to get treatment for pain and injuries
  • Why these narratives around exercise being dangerous are often more harmful than the injuries themselves
  • The negative and positive impacts of being delivered a diagnosis
  • What to look for when trying to find someone to help you rehab pain or an injury

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