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Results Not Typical

Jun 18, 2022

In this episode, Nikki chats with yoga teacher Adrienne Johnson about considerations for practicing yoga when you have hypermobility or pain.

They discuss:

  • Adrienne's personal experiencing starting yoga not realizing that she was hypermobile and how she changed her practice to account for her hypermobility and be able to practice without pain.
  • The importance of strength training to cross train for yoga - especially if you are hypermobile.
  • Why the largest range of motion may not be the best option for you even if you're able to go there
  • Active versus passive stretching.
  • How props can help you feel where you are in the poses, increase proprioceptive input / body awareness, and decrease the experience of pain.

Connect with Adrienne

Adrienne's website + the sign up link for her Strong n' Mobile Hips Free Challenge: 

Follow Adrienne on Instagram @thelionesstouch

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