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Results Not Typical

Jun 21, 2019

In this episode, Nikki chats with certified personal trainer and host of the Cut the S#iT Get Fit Podcast Rafal Matuszewski about how to take a results focused approach to fitness and nutrition that goes beyond the fads.

They discuss:

- Marketing versus application and why buzz words like muscle confusion often don't mean anything

- The benefits of focusing on consistency instead of novelty

- How following health and fitness trends isn't always a bad thing, but individualizing the process will often get you a better result. 

About Rafal Matuszewski:

Movement is medicine. I firmly believe that many people who deal with pain can improve their quality of life by simply moving. There are fundamental patterns as humans we should be able to perform. But, in today’s world, we live in, we are set up for failure. Being able to squat, crawl, climb, lunge, push, pull, and of course lifting things off the floor are all movement qualities we used to possess, but quickly lose as we age and become inactive. I coach patients and clients from the ground up. Build the fundamentals first, then challenge the system.

The last nine years of my career I’ve seen clients from all walks of life. Weight loss, strength, performance, rehabilitation, you name it. All have different goals and outcomes, but all follow the same training principles for building foundational movement patterns. As a trainer obsessed with helping others who suffer from painful movement, I bridge the gap between rehabilitation and performance. My ultimate goal is to have you moving and feeling better, faster so you can enjoy life and get back to activity.

To learn more about and purchase Rafal's e-book the Ironclad Body Training System: A step by step guide to building a strong and resilient body, visit