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Results Not Typical

Dec 15, 2021

In this episode, Nikki chats with Pilates teacher, mechanical engineer, and founder of Flexia Kaleen Canevari about the unique benefits of the Pilates reformer and how it can be modernized and brought to more people with tech. 

They discuss:

  • Pilates versus strength training and how the two complement each other
  • Why the Pilates springs are a unique form of resistance training and how they can be helpful for decreasing pain and improving flexibility and control
  • How the Flexia smart reformer's sensor will help people track their progress in strength and flexibility, while also quantifying quality of movement
  • Why how you feel is as important as the exercise that you do
  • Why it was important to Kaleen to design a reformer that was easy to set up and use at home that could be adjusted to comfortably fit larger and smaller bodies

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Flexia's Instagram: @flexiapilates

Kaleen's Instagram: @kaleencanevari

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